A wide variety of post list styles can be achieved through small changes to the default blog settings or to individual blog shortcode instances. Below are examples of some of the styles which can be easily achieved through simple adjustments of shortcode parameters.

Variable Image Height

The posts below show variable image heights. This is achieved by setting the shortcode “image_height=0”. The author avatar image is also excluded.

[blog category="1,2,3" show_category_list="false" image_width="449" image_height="0" author_avatar="false"]

Posts Without Images

Display posts as a text only list. Disable images from the default post options or set the shortcode value “images=false”.

[blog category="1,2,3" show_category_list="false" images=false excerpt_length="70"]

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We love wine; learning about wine and discovering new and fun places to go drink wine as well as fun wine-related accessories. For that reason, this site will cover all different wine-related topics. If it interests us, we will post it here for you!


A disclaimer about any of the wine we list on our site: they are grouped, not ranked. In other words, we’re sharing wines that we enjoy for one reason or another, but we make no claim as to which vintage is better than any other. Also, we feel that specifying years is beyond us. If you try a wine on one of our lists and really enjoy a certain year, please, enlighten us.
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