Happy July 4th!

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July 4th is around the corner and, inevitably, you are invited to a summer cookout. You do not want to show up empty-handed, but what can you give your host/hostess that says, “Thanks for inviting me?” Below are 3 summer wines that pair well with a good cookout and will not break the bank:

BBQ: Pick up a nice Zinfandel. It has the right amount of spice to hold its own against smoky BBQ ribs or a steak. Retailing around $10-$20, there are many delicious brands to choose from.

Chicken or Fish: Think rose! With the light, crisp, delicacy of white wine combined with the lingering taste of red, this wine is sure to highlight the taste of these lighter meats. Try a Mulderbosch, it retails for around $10.

Pork:  Grab a red! Red wines work with a variety of BBQ flavors and pair well with dishes that have a kick of onions, Worcestershire sauce or mustard. Retailing around $10-$20, you can’t go wrong with a nice Merlot or Bordeaux.


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