In vino veritas…In wine there is truth

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For thousands of years, wine has played a significant role in the rise and fall of civilization and culture as we know it. As far back as 11,000 BCE, humans have been using the almighty grape to produce an unparalleled beverage used in religious ceremonies and rituals, as well as for celebration and merriment.  What is wine, really? Wine is truth. It is the road map of our existence.  Through wine we can see our past and learn about our future. Every time we drink a glass we are drinking in thousands of years of history, so let’s pay tribute to where it all began and raise a glass in honor of our ancestors!

Want to try a taste of history? These are the wines to get:

Tamada Akhasheni, Semi-Sweet Red, Georgia Republic

Pheasant’s Tears, Rkatsiteli Amber Wine, Kakheti, Georgia Republic

Tiflisi Marani, Dry Red, Georgia Republic

Badagoni Tsinandali ,Dry White, Georgia Republic


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